Earn $200 Dollars Per Day Online – In this video, I will show you how to earn $200 dollars per day online; this is the best way to $200 dollars fast using the power of affiliate marketing and email marketing.

After watching this video, you’ll learn the key components you’ll need to make money money online consistently with affiliate marketing for beginners. We dive into multiple traffic sources to drive visitors to your website and sales funnels, creating leads and sales for your affiliate marketing business. We talk about the squeeze page I use and landing page builder that allows me to collect leads into my autoresponder and that gives me the ability to market to those leads over time.

Lastly I talk about a hub model that you can use in the affiliate marketing business to help you gain trust and rapport with your leads and sell multiple products to those leads without hard selling and making your prospects feel overwhelmed. This will result in you having the ability to generate multiple sales not just one sale if you have a core product that you’re pushing.

Resources Discussed in the video:

Traffic Blade
https://workwithjonmcneil.com/TrafficBlade – 22% Discount code jon735

Ben’s Solo Ads



Piggyback System – https://workwithjonmcneil.com/pbsystem

Additional video content:

LeadPages Video – https://youtu.be/zcfNTuDfOt8
Best Solo Ad Vendors – https://youtu.be/c7hwPxxvKnI

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