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Email Marketing Tips – Make Money with Email Marketing

In this video I will show you how to effectivly use email marketing tips and strategies to make money with internet/affiliate marketing. These email marketing tips will allow you to literally explode your open rates and click through rates, which in turn will get you more sales for your online business.

After watching this video you’ll learn:

1. The importance of the short, descriptive, punchy subject lines to evoke curiosity and stand out agmonst other emails in your inbox.

2. How to hook your readers right at the beginning of the email to get them focused and primed for what to expect.

3. How to easily create the body of the email by swiping information directly from the sales pages headline, copy or bullet points.

4. How you close each email strong and what you must do on each email at the end.

5. Other must do email marketing tips that will help you generate money online with your affiliate marketing business.

As an affiliate marketer, the life blood of your business is email marketing. Building a responsive list is the fastest and most sustainable way to make money with email marketing. Once you have your list you must be able communicate with them in a way in which you can consistently make money. If you deploy these email marketing tips I’ve shown you in this video, you will see a drastic difference in open, click through rates and sales. The faster you take action, the faster you’ll start to see results in your business.

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