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In this video, I’m going to reveal how to make money with YouTube without showing your face. More specifically, how to make money $100 a day on YouTube without showing your face.

Most people know that there is a huge opportunity to make money on YouTube via AdSense as well as driving traffic to affiliate marketing products to make commissions. The problem that most people face is they are unwilling to create videos because they are apprehensive about showing their face on camera and nervous about how they look or how they sound. I can admit that it can be a little intimidating at first, but many get use to if they can push pass their fears. But for those people that are adamant about making faceless videos for YouTube, you’re in luck, because I’m going to breakdown in this video how to make money on YouTube for beginners and anyone who wants to make $100 a day without showing your face.

To get this accomplished there are a few steps you must take that we will review now:

1. Pick a niche – First you want to pick a profitable niche that people spend a lot of time watching on YouTube. You can do some niche research by going to a website called Social Blade. It has the top YouTube channels and categories on the YouTube platform. This will give you a good idea of what is popular and what people spend a lot of time watching. This is important because you want to create a YouTube channel and content around what people love to consume.

2. Keyword Research – The next task you need to do in order to make money on YouTube is to do keyword research. One of the best methods of doing this research is using YouTube itself to gather a list of long tail, low competition keywords so that you can rank high those particular keywords and in turn receive consistent organic traffic from YouTube and from suggested videos. I use a free chrome tool called Keywords Everywhere. This gives you the ability to see the search volume in YouTube, so you know exactly which keywords to rank for. I would suggest creating content around keywords that have a couple hundred searches per month to start with if you’re a new channel.

3. Create your videos – Next you much create your videos and although videos are necessary to make $100 a day with this strategy, you don’t need to show your face on camera. The reason you don’t need to show your face is because I’m going to introduce you to a video creating software that will create professional videos for you in minutes. This software tool is called Content Samurai; it’s a complete all in one software tool that takes an article and matches the words up with video clips all automated. Not only that the software has its own voiceover capabilities that will read the script while the video is playing, thus making the video completely unanimous for you. Be sure to watch that portion of the video closely to see all the tools and features.

4. Upload Video – The last piece to the process is to upload your video onto YouTube and do a little on page SEO. This is essentially using the keywords in the title, description and tags of the video you’re uploading. Be sure to sprinkle in the keyword into the description multiple times, but don’t overdo it. Also, utilize related keywords that can also improve the ranking of your video and the ability to be found in search. And of course, you want to push the traffic to an affiliate link or product. At the end of the video, add a call to action to check out the product or service in the link in the description. Overtime you will build more organic traffic to your videos and will be able to make sales from the affiliate products you sell.

The most important part of this whole process of how to make money with YouTube without showing your face is to repeat this process over and over. You must be consistent and put in the hard work to create multiple videos every week. I would suggest you making 3 to 4 videos per week. This is very doable because with the Content Samurai software you can crank out videos with ease. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to make money with YouTube for beginners and be sure to check out the free trial in the description above.

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