Looking to make videos without showing your face to make money or get exposure to your products and services, then watch this video to the end.

In this video, I will show you the 5 steps you need to create faceless videos so you don’t have to be on camera, but still get your message out to the world.

1. Create a video idea – I personally use VidIQ to do keyword research to find good video ideas.  This tool is great because it shows you exactly what people are searching on YouTube, which will give you a leg up on video topics and titles.

2. Create the script – Now if you have the ability to create a script then by all means do that, if you’re not a writer then you can outsource the article to Fiverr.

3. Record the audio – You can use programs to record the audio in audacity, your iphone or  your video marketing software.

4. Get the video created – Again this is a great Fiverr outsource.  If you don’t want to use someone from Fiverr then use the video creation software called Vidnami.  I do a full walkthrough of the Vidnami software in the video below.

5. Upload to YouTube – Last but surely not least you have to upload your video to YouTube, this is where you can get unlimited free traffic.  Be sure to do your SEO for each video by placing in a good title, description and tags.  Again, you can use VidIQ to help you out with all that.

I hope this video helped and encouraged you to start creating videos.  It can do wonders for your business.  

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