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What’s up! My name is Jon McNeil and in this video today will not only show you how to make money online, but I’ll be doing an exclusive interview with George Wiggins and his super funnel hero funnel that can easily help you earn 500 a day online with this sales funnel that has roughly 30 income streams.

What will you learn in this video:

– Who George Wiggins is and the reason he created the Super Funnel Hero
– What is the Super Funnel Hero
– How to make $500 a day online with this free funnel
– The best method to make money online as an affiliate marketer
– How you can plug into the Super Funnel Hero to earn 500 a day

Without letting the cat out of the bag, I wanted to give you a brief summary of how you can make money from home or from your Kitchen table like George Wiggins the Super Funnel Hero did:)

What you need to do is build your email list. You email list is your main asset when it come to make money from home online, especially if you want to make 500 per day online.

Secondly, you need a high converting sales funnel that takes you prospects through a process in which they receive value, as well as offers that will enhance their experience and get them closet to their desired results. Offers should range from low ticket ($7 – $10) to high ticket (@97 – $997). That way you have the ability to earn money online or make $500 per day fairly easy.

Lastly, you need a robust and well-written follow up email series that will continue to build rapport, bring value and sell additional products that make money you money long-term.

You will be able to make $500 a day with the Super Funnel Hero sales funnel. You can get access to the funnel and create a free account here –


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