Making money with clickbank is not as difficult as most people make it out to be. In fact, there are ways to generate sales from clickbank fairly easy. Nevertheless, in this video, I’ll be breaking down some paid and free ways to make money with clickbank on a consistent basis. With detail instruction on this, please refer to my website above.

Make money with Clickbank;

1. Send offers to your mailing list. If you’re building a list in a particular niche, one of the easiest ways to make money with clickbank is to merely send an email to your list. Do make sure the offers are good offers and will bring value to your list. Never send junk to your list as it can’t hurt you.

2. Obviously you can make money with clickbank utilizing paid marketing. You can merely get a high converting product from clickbank and send traffic to that offer via PPC, media buys, solo ads and facebook ads. Be sure to do good keyword research and never start your daily bid to high. Be sure to test your campaigns then scale up from there.

3. Make money with clickbank using free advertising. If you’re low on funds you can still crush it on clickbank. You can utilize blogging, articles, videos and forum commetning to get unlimited traffic to your affiliate website. Keep in mind there is more work when it comes to advertising the free way, but once the content is out there, it’s out there for forever and can bring you sales from years to come.

I personally like to use all three of the methods to make money with clickbank in my business.

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