Residual income is one of the most coveted things that ever affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur wants in the their business. Here are some systems that will help promote a variety of products, software and tools which will enable residual income in your business and make money online.

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In this video, I will be discussing residual income for affiliate marketers and will specifically cover the following:

– Residual Income Model
– Residual Income Ideas
– Residual Income Opportunities

As an affiliate marketer, sales can vary throughout the year. Sometimes sales are up and sometimes sales are down. This is why residual income is so important.

What is residual income? Residual income is money that is paid to you month after month in commissions for sales that you have generated for selling products and services.

Without residual income in your business, you can never find true stability and will never have an online business that you can depend on. In this video, I breakdown the best products and services that affiliates should sale and actually the best method and strategy to make the sales, so that people continue to pay monthly.

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