Ever heard of solo ads guaranteed clicks before? If not, you’ve been hiding under a rock. Solo ads has been a excellent traffic strategy for many affiliate marketers for a very long time. A solo ad is essentially a form of advertising in which you would pay a solo ad vendor or the best solo ads provider you cans find; and you pay for guaranteed clicks or guaranteed visitors to your website or sales funnel. It’s best to send solo ad traffic to a squeeze page first and foremost because that is going to enable you to build a list with your email auto responder which will allow you to make future profits by doing email marketing.

So the question you might ask is where is the best place to buy solo ads? There are solo ad directory, Facebook solo ads, Igor solo ads, solo ads udimi, solo ads for ecommerce and the list goes on and on. I think the main thing is not so much where you buy solo ads from, its whom you buy the solo ads from. The solo ads vendor is an important part of you getting good traffic, again building your list and making sales. So where’s the best place to buy solos ads 2019, it all depend on the vendor and a few other things we’ll discuss.

In this solo ads training, LJ and I discuss the importance of a high converting squeeze page. The more leads you can get through the front door the better. You want to test and tweak your funnel until your squeeze page is converting at least 30 to 40% optins. This is going to build your list faster and increase your probability of making sales. There are a lot of solo ads tutorial online, but this video is the only one which explains how to keep your squeeze page really simple and basic. Just a headline and a email box. We also do a comparison in the video; solo ads vs Facebook ads, which do you think is better? Find out our thoughts in the video. Last, we discuss the importance of email marketing and copy writing skills. Very important portion of this solo ads review.

So if you’re looking for solo ads success, then you want to watch every minute of this video. This video is perfect if you’re interested in solo ads for affiliate marketers. You can use solo ads traffic to market almost any product. Your own products, jvzoo products or solo ads Clickbank products as well.

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